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Friday, May 11, 2018

Something precious

Yesterday the subject of cups and saucers came up and I thought I might share one of my favourites from my collection...

This one belonged to my maternal grandmother who once had a very extensive collection of cups and saucers of various patterns.  I was lucky enough to inherit a precious few.  This one is hand painted and the china is very thin - it appears that it was hand painted in Japan but that's all I know about it.  

There has been no stitching happening here at Chez Magpie over the past several days - too much of being a social butterfly (and errand runner) to have time to play in my sewing room.  Hopefully over the weekend I will get to sit and pick up my stitching.

- Have a look at the fibre art in the galleries HERE.  

- THESE fall under the 'oh wow' category!  I'd love one (or several!) of these.

- There's a pattern HERE for really cute owls - perfect pincushions perhaps?

- There is a free online quilt magazine available HERE.  It's actually quite interesting so well worth checking out.  If you scroll down there are links to other free issues as well.

- And HERE is another free quilt magazine - you will have to register to get it, but there's always good content so it's worth doing.  You can also purchase an expanded version with more content, but I find the free version to be interesting on its own. 

- THIS is a rather cute knitted sweater pattern for a little girl.

Instead of a quote today, I would like to wish all mothers a very happy Mother's Day!


  1. I love your tea cup and I think that it's wonderful that your have something so precious from your grandmother. The blue is exceptionally pretty. And thank you for sharing those links. I am going to give some serious thought about making some of those jewelry dishes......if I can find where I put my alcohol inks! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. That is such a pretty blue teacup and saucer, Mary Anne. I love the delicate design and the touches of gold. Have a beautiful Mother's Day, lovely lady. Xx

  3. I just love these beautiful old tea cups. Thanks for the links...the owl one is very cute.

  4. I hope that having got your fine china out to show and delight us, that you were able to find the time to enjoy a nice cuppa in them? They are gorgeous! I expect they are not for the dishwasher though!
    Wren x

  5. Beautiful cup and saucer!

  6. The tea cup is beautiful. I know how delicate it is. My daughter collects all things antique Japanese and has some of the most amazing pieces. She has collected since she was just a teen and got a lot of her things by hunting garage sales and bought from people that didn't know what they were selling. You can't find THAT anymore.

    Happy Mother's Day
    xx, Carol

  7. That tea cup is just wow!! We would like to see the others in your collection too.

  8. Happy Mother's Day! Beautiful china cups. Sometimes a break from sewing / creating 'stuff' is important. Great links. Thanks

  9. Your Heirloom Teacup is quite the Beautiful Treasure. Happy Mother’s Day Dear...<3

  10. Happy Mother's Day to you Mary Anne! Glad to hear you are out being a social butterfly! I love that cup and saucer, so delicate and pretty! Christine x

  11. What a beautiful cup and saucer. I love hand-painted china.


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