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Thursday, May 31, 2018

An update on the interruption

OK, folks - as promised I would let you know what I found out regarding the new privacy laws that seem to be upsetting the blogging world.  I still don't understand it, despite doing a lot of extensive reading on the subject, but as near as I can gather it appears we are supposed to post a form of disclaimer on our blogs stating that we are not maliciously gathering private information from people.  As if the majority of us are the least bit interested in such things, but the powers-that-be seem to think we should be. pretty much boils down to having to post something on your blog stating that fact and assuring people (who you KNOW aren't going to bother reading the information anyway....ahem) that we aren't out to stalk them.  

If you check out the following link you will find a template that can guide you through what needs to be said (of course it has to be tweeked to suit your particular circumstances).  Thank you Kim for finding this!!!!
PLEASE NOTE:  I am unable to make this link 'live', so you will need to cut and paste it in order to view it.  

I hope to have time this afternoon to tweek the template to suit my blog and will post it when I do.  


As a further note, it appears upon checking the help forums on Blog-grrrr, that they are working on any further issues that have come up.  


And, might I appeal to those of you who have your blog set to give you the ability to reply directly to comments ON your blog (without having to post a completely new comment), to give me some idea of what settings I need to use on my dashboard in order to allow that function?   For the life of me I can't find it!!

Stay tuned!!!


  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Hi Maryanne good dective work my friend, not sure what is going on with the commenting a lot of us aren't getting the comments sent through to our email ,so the only way we know if there is a comment is by going back and repeating the comments on your blog,hope google get it sorted out soon,very frustrating not being able to respond back to our commenters xx

  2. The main thing I know about this is that it only applies in Europe. If you have readers or buyers in the EU, you have to comply. If not you don't. Blogger is probably trying to cover all bases, given that some people do have a business running off the blog,and probably some bloggers are in the EU. I don't plan to do anything.

  3. So, does that mean that if we post what they (the powers that be) want, they will get that long note off our blogs?

  4. Thanks for the update. I've checked my blog settings and can't find anywhere that lets us change the 'reply to comments' setting. My blog still has that function, and I'm wondering if it could be the THEME that you have chosen that dictates whether you get that function or not.

  5. Still working on trying to sort out how to reply to everyone individually, but not having any success. 'I am'....glad to know that we're not alone in this! To 'Boud'....I do have a few readers in the EU so therefore I think it's necessary to comply with their current law. At least I think it's necessary...better to be safe than sorry!! To 'Dolores'....haven't a clue what will happen to that note if we comply....maybe the powers that be will remove it in due course?? And to 'Cyra'....thank you for the suggestion....I'll try changing my theme and see if that helps.

  6. I really think the inability to receive notifications on comments made and reply from the notification is a glitch that will be fixed. Whenever Google makes changes, some features are messed up for a while, but they come back. I am giving it some time to be rectified. I have have had a couple of blog friends that comment and I don't receive a notification for the comment and that has been going on for a few years. I have thought that maybe they are friends that use Apple devices, but that is only MY theory. It makes it difficult to reply to their comments, but not really. Just an extra step by going to my Gmail and they are totally worth the effort. But I am going to keep an eye out for any posts from friends that figure out what is going on. I with Blogger had customer service with live chat!!
    xx, Carol


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