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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Another bit of precious

Yes, I AM stitching but nothing quite ready to show at the moment, so how about showing you another piece of my special china.  This also belonged to my grandmother; it's obviously hand-painted and is very fine china.  

There are no markings on the bottom of the cream pitcher, but the sugar bowl is labeled 'Austria'. Beyond that, I know nothing about it.  

- THIS is a really cute pieced teddy bear quilt block pattern.  You can see the completed quilt HERE.

- THIS is another intriguing pattern  (This shows it completed).  Unfortunately the actual pattern isn't there, but I think it's a variation on 'Storm At Sea'.   If I were a sane quilter I might like to make one of these!  Have a look at the post found HERE for lots of information (and a diagram) for making the Storm At Sea pattern.

- And further on quilts that make my heart go pitter-pat, have a look at THIS!

- You know how sometimes you stumble on something and you wonder why on earth you didn't think of it yourself?  THIS is one of those things!!

Your quote for today..."Sometimes when you're in a dark place, you think you've been buries, but you've actually been planted"


  1. These are beautiful Mary Anne.... I just love the shape of them. Christine xx

  2. What a divine set, my friend. So pretty and feminine. Hugs to you!

  3. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Hi Maryanne wow what a beautiful set,thankyou for showing us xx

  4. Gosh, you have the prettiest china, Mary Anne. This sugar and creamer is such a pretty set. Love the hand painted details. How lovely it was made in Austria. I wonder how your grandmother came by these pretties??

  5. Oooh, love the pretty china. That green at the top edges is so nice.

  6. I'm wowed by that set, a rare treasure.
    I saw the blue and white hexagons with the embroidered flowers in the center
    Pamela at also makes up amazing hexagons.

  7. These China pieces are so beautiful and I love the shapes and very feminine. WOW, Wow and wow to the links you have shared. Sew many extremely talented artists in our world. Blessings on this Memorial Weekend Dear...<3

  8. Beautiful set. I have a collection of sugar & cream sets. Again, packed away.

  9. OOOOHHHH! That IS a beautiful set - those 'double' handles are stunning! Amazing that they have survived all these years . . . good job caring for and preserving them. Happy Memorial Day . . . enjoy the weekend!


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