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Friday, December 02, 2016

Something fun, and some you-know-what

Today I don't have a picture of anything I've done to share with you, but I would like to tell you about a fun thing that's happening over on Pam Kellogg's blog. It's called a 'Never Ending Band Sampler Stitch-Along' and is absolutely perfect for anyone who likes to work with waste canvas or even weave fabric...crazy quilters and those who like cross stitched samplers will love this.  Pam will be offering several free patterns each week for us to play with.  This is going to be SO much fun!!  And best of all - there's no time expectation that you have to 'keep up'.   (Have a look HERE to learn about it!).  You can go HERE to see the first pattern she has for us.  I'm joining in with plans to download the patterns and create a wonderful stitch diary for future reference.

Now on to some mumblings for today...

- THESE mittens would be such a cute gift for a youngster.  And wouldn't THESE mittens be wonderful on a Christmas tree...or used as an advent calendar?

- If there's someone in your life that might have cold feet, perhaps a pair of THESE might be welcome under the tree this year.

- HERE's a great way to wind yarn into a center pull ball - without a ball winder.

- THIS is an interesting way to use up your stash I think.  

- You could make THESE for many different uses - perhaps brooches; tree ornaments; or package toppers.  

- If you have an incomplete Scrabble set, perhaps you might consider making some ornaments similar to THESE.  

- Do you have some leftover mason jars taking up space in your cupboard?  Maybe one of the many ideas HERE might be just the thing to make use of them!  Be sure to scroll down to see all the ideas.

- THIS is a really nice crocheted Christmas tree pattern!  You could add beads to it for 'decorations'.  

Today your quote is from Andrew Weil....."The power to heal is in you, and nonetheless there is a tendency in our culture to project onto other people and to want them to heal us"


  1. Thank you for always sharing the most interesting array of projects. I will be enjoying your stitch alongs. I am so far behind this year.

  2. Thanks for drawing attention to the never ending sampler project over at Pam's blog. It looks a fun idea.... I may see if I can find time to join in but, I do have Christmas to get through first.... maybe in the New Year? Have a good weekend! Christine x

  3. Hi Mary Ann, thanks for the tips and that is a great quote.

  4. More great links. I saved some of them.


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