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Monday, December 12, 2016

All I have.... yet more mumblings!  I'm working on something, but I can't show it - yet.  So, here's another installment of mumblings - please feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

- There's an adorable pattern HERE for some snowmen - perfect for package toppers and Christmas trees (oh, and a little stash busting perhaps!).

- HERE you can find a basic pattern for a hot water bottle cover - another good stash buster - and something that you can change up to suit.

- If you're a quilter and happen to like houses, there's a nice free block of the week pattern HERE.  Limited time to get it though.

- There's a beautiful shawl pattern HERE.

- THIS falls under the awww category for cuteness.

- These are so cute - and would look good on a Christmas tree too (particularly if they had a pretty ribbon around their neck).  And HERE's another cute wee mouse mitten pattern.  Or how about THESE cute little fellows?  Or maybe THIS one?

- There's an absolutely adorable knitted polar bear pattern HERE  (and while you're there, have a look around the rest of the site - there are tons of free knitting and crochet patterns!).

- maybe you like goats?   Or sheep HERE , HERE,  HERE, and HERE.

Today, fittingly, your quote is about boredom (because I'm sure you are thinking that about some of my posts!)...and comes from Nicholas Hoult...."Long-term boredom can't lead to anything good"


  1. Great links, as always!!

  2. Oh you are a tease! 'Tis just as well there are some lovely links to have a peek at. =)

  3. Such cute projects! Thanks for the links!


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