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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Some knitting - who knew?

Our oldest grandson is currently in like with "dine-O-soars" (his word) so what could a doting grandma do but make him his very own DineOSoar sweater for Christmas?

The pattern is from a Beehive booklet called "Knit Menagerie" and was made using Paton's Canadiana yarn.  As a little side note, Logan's Uncle Shawn had the very same sweater when he was little, but his was red and was made by one of my friends.  Wonder where it ever went.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, are some more 'finds' from my travels about the internet...

- There's a really pretty pillow tutorial HERE.

- Kreinik (who makes the wonderful threads) is running a 25 Days of Christmas project and will be publishing a daily free project.  You can find info about that HERE.  There is also a ton of free projects from them available HERE.

- You can go HERE for part one of making one of the sweetest gingerbread houses you've ever seen - with a crochet hook!

- How about a stash busting idea HERE to make one of the nicer mug cozies I've seen.

- I really like this simple pattern for felted slippers!

- I can see these made using twine (jute, perhaps?) - maybe even a set of three.

- For the cuteness factor, how about THIS  (the pattern isn't in English, but there's a translate button).  And there's even more amazing cuteness HERE.  Be sure you scroll down!  And how about this sweet little guy?

- I'd love to make one of THESE for our grandson!

- AND - just for something that's great fun, have a look at this video!!

Today your quote is from an anonymous source...."The greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper but in love"


  1. Cute sweater. I'm sure your grandson will love it. I remember mom knitting up a dinosaur sweater for my brother years ago. Great links, too. In fact, a couple I've saved for future use (maybe).

  2. That's one awesome sweater!! How many days did it take you make it? Love, love the dino :)

  3. Beautiful work on the sweater, nice yarn.
    Thanks for the tips.

  4. You knit!! Awesome. Your grandson will love it:)

  5. Fan-tas-tic sweater. and a great link to the suitcase, which I passed on.

  6. What a fabulous sweater.... Logan will love it! Christine x

  7. That's lovely! Kids do like images at a certain age. I remember knitting sweaters with trains, teddybears, and so on. They're fun to do, and it's lovely to see the wearer admiring himself in the mirror!

  8. This sweater is amazing! You're going to win the Favorite Grandma Award for sure!

  9. OMGoodness, that is adorable, I love the colours!

  10. Fantastic sweater, MA.
    Thank you for all the links ... great fun!
    Barbara xx

  11. Dino is so cute! Great sweater!


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