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Friday, December 30, 2016

Assorted bits and bytes

Christmas this year was great.  I rarely am gifted with anything connected to creativity and this year I received several things, one of them being this beautiful piece of fabric art...

Created by Lynda Noe
of Scissors & Silk Studio
Gore Bay, Ontario

I think you can click the picture to embiggen if you'd like.  I love this piece and it was accompanied by not one, but two, online classes from Craftsy, both of which will help me to learn to create my own fabric pictures.  Woo hoo!!!  

One of the other special gifts I received was a beautiful antique gold necklace, gifted to me by our daughter-in-love.  The necklace belonged originally to her paternal great grandmother and is a family heirloom for sure.  It made me cry that she would want to give me such a precious piece of her family history.  Once I have it cleaned I will share a picture so you can see how wonderful it is. 


More in my completely and utterly shameless
request for votes for my adorable grandson!
There's only today and tomorrow left,
so I would love it if you would vote 
once or twice more!



Now on to some mumblings....

- If you have a little girl to create for, how about checking out the links HERE?  If you scroll down there are also links to some cute Barbie and American Girl doll patterns.

- If you would like to see what's happening with the 'Never Ending Sampler' online freebie class that Pam Kellogg is doing, have a look HERE.  I'm a bit late joining the party, but have decided that I'm going to play along.  Of course I HAVE to be a non-conformist and I'm using waste canvas for mine so you'll have to wait a bit to see what I'm doing.  I will share though - once the canvas is removed. 

- There's a great article HERE regarding the proper fillings to use when making your own pincushions.   

- I'm sure none of you have a sewing space that's in need of cleaning and organization, particularly after the Christmas creative rush...but....if you do, there are some good tips HERE.  Not that there would be any need of these hints in MY life!!!  ahem.

- Further on the cleaning thought - I'm sure many of us have lots of UFO's lurking about, and so perhaps THIS year-long fun challenge might be just what you need!  (Thanks Renee for the head's up on this one).

- Kathy Shaw has announced her schedule for her free online crazy quilt (and a little bit of sane quilting too!) classes for 2017.  Have a look at that HERE.  

- For you sane quilters out there, you need to check THIS year-long project out!  Best thing is that it's free AND a great stash-buster if you so choose!!

- If there's a baby due to make an arrival in your life, perhaps you might like to check out the adorable bootee patterns through THIS link.  There are five pages of really amazing ones to see!

Your quote today is from Arnold Bennett...."The chief beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance.  The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life.  You can turn over a new leaf every hour if you choose"

Finally, I want to extend my very best wishes to you and yours for the very best that the new year can hold.  May it be filled with joy, laughter, love and many hours filled with new leaves.


  1. I like your Christmas pillow!
    Yes, you got some nice gifts.
    Thanks for all the tips and good quote about time.

  2. I love Arnold Bennett, and that quotation is so good. Thank you! And Happy New Year!

  3. You certainly had some fabulous gifts Mary Anne and I hope you enjoy you Craftsy classes... I have several and they have really helped with learning new techniques and given me new ideas! I have added a new vote for cute little Theo and will add another tomorrow! I wish you a very Happy New Year... may it bring you and your family much happiness and joy! Christine xx

  4. Great TIME quote MA.
    Those gifts certainly DO sound and look VERY special indeed!
    Wishing you a Happy Healthy New Year...let's hope it's a good one.

  5. Hello Mary Anne Dear. I am happy to say Good-Bye to 2016. I am ready for a fresh New ear beginning. I am continuing to vote for Theo...after all he is the most adorable baby boy ever! May you have a Wonderful 2017 with lots of Love, Happiness, Health and Creative Bliss. XO

  6. Happy New Year! Great gifts. The piece of art is lovely - lucky you. Enjoyed the links. Thanks

  7. I would love to try that class. I hope you will share your progress when you start.
    Happy New year. Thanks for being a great blog friend.
    xx, Carol

  8. Thanks so much for posting about the UFO group... I really need this and signed up. I have some UFOs that I'm emotionally attached to and dread giving up finishing them just because I now live in a blurry world... this morning I did prioritize the ones I most want to finish...and will find a way to finish them within my abilities. Thanks a bunch...

  9. Hello and Happy New Year MA!

    What beautiful gifts indeed.
    The bird is very life like and I'm sure even more so in person.
    Those wings are amazing - what a clever artist.

    Your Daughter-in-love is a very generous soul giving you her family gold necklace - all the same I know you are most deserving of such a gift.

    Thank you for popping in to say hello - it feels good to be back!

    Shane x

  10. Just popped over after seeing you on Shane's blog, and really love your blog. I love crazy quilting too, but have not done it for a few years. Your header picture is so gorgeous, I feel inspired to do something this year. Looking forward to reading some of your older posts.
    PS I am Australian, with daughter and grandsons living in Ontario.

  11. That must be the best of all gifts to receive, that bird is stupendous!

  12. wonderful gifts Mary Anne...someone knows you well....


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