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Monday, February 29, 2016

you asked...

A couple of you have asked for the bread recipe, so DH is more than happy to oblige...

Simple Kefir Bread

4 c. whole wheat or all purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp. salt
2 T. honey
scant 2 c. kefir*

Combine flour and salt.  Add honey and
1 1/2 c. kefir to flour mixture.  Mix well
and add more kefir until dough is sticky
but pulls away from side of bowl.
Knead 5-10 mins.  Transfer to oiled
bowl, cover and let stand in a warm place
12-24 hours.  Punch down, place in 
loaf pan, cover and let rise until reaches the
top of pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 mins.

* Kefir is a type of yogurt that you can make at home.  You will need to purchase kefir grains to begin with (although I imagine you can buy kefir at any health food store and use it in this recipe).

There are many uses for kefir - we've been drinking it for breakfast (with the addition of a little bit of hazelnut liquid coffee creamer)...yum!   The probiotic benefits are incredible, but I'll warn you now - the stuff multiplies!!  

The Grande Plan/Folly continues, to the detriment of my creaky bones.  See?.....

Right now it looks like a blob with pins stuck in it!!

Another autograph, dated Jan. 26th, 1940....

When things don't go to suit you
And the world seems upside down
Don't waste your time in fretting
But drive away that frown
Since life is so perplexing
It's now the wisest plan
To bear all trials bravely
And smile whenever you can


  1. Beautiful bread and I shall not attempt to make it...however thank you for sharing your recipe. Your "white cloth" is looking like a project of massive proportion. Epsom salt soak in a warm tub for those creaky bones???

  2. The bread looks delicious Mary Anne!! The 'Grande Plan' project is looking very interesting and it will be fun to watch it progress! Christine x

  3. Home made bread with kefir, out of this world delicious!
    Your "white cloth" is off to a good start, I'll stay tuned for more progress.

  4. Hmmm..... the break looks yummy, thanks for the recipe and the Plan is looking very interesting.

  5. Thanks for the recipe, will try it someday.

  6. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I just love your blog. And you do beautiful work.
    Maureen S

  7. Your Grand Plan is off to a beautiful start! Love the poem/quote you shared. Very wise words.

  8. This looks very much like the "wrapping cloth" we made in Karen's stitchery class ... only a lot bigger! If it is too hard to handle it as a queen size...I wonder if it would work to cut the sheet into manageable size pieces and then... re-attach them at a later stage?

    It is a huge undertaking Magpie.... good luck with it.

    I love seeing all the vintage photos.

  9. Your bread looks so tasty Mary Anne. The "Grande Plan" looks very exciting, but do mind your knees! I love your progress photos, such fun! Barbara xx

  10. Kefir is new to me, but sounds like me and my gut, should get to know it better, I love learning about new things so thank you for this! The bread sounds great too.
    Wren x


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