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Thursday, February 04, 2016

More treasures (of a questionable nature)

The great clean out of memorabilia continues and now I've come up with some 'interesting' (as I said - questionable!) pieces of old clothing.  

First, I found this sweater that my mother made - it appears that the trim is knitted and the main part is some form of crochet.  Very see-thru (and rather risque for the times I think).  

and a close-up...

I've never seen that particular pattern before.

AND, wonder of wonders...

I suspect this baby dress might have adorned my baby body, but not sure on that one.  The detail is amazing (and yes, I know it would benefit from a good ironing).

Two more baby dresses, both of which were mine.  They are both very sheer and (horrors!!!!) pink.  Yuck.  Obviously when I wore them I was too young to have any say in what went on my body!!  

And the find of the day - a wonderful apron that I know was made by my maternal grandmother.  She knitted the most incredible lace and it features prominently on this piece.

And a close-up of the trim.

Now the question arises, what does one DO with such stuff?  The apron is a keeper, but what do you suggest I do with the dresses?  There are actually several more, along with matching slips.  The fabric isn't in great shape (except for the first little dress and the apron), so don't think they would be wearable.  


The quote of the day is from May Smith... "The only place you find success before work is in the dictionary"


  1. Give them to a mixed media artist. She'll find a home for them in an artwork. OR, apply them in parts to a cq work of your own. The apron though just needs to be starched and pressed and hung casually in your kitchen as part of the decor.

  2. Nice finds Mary Anne! It is a difficult question.... what to so with them.... perhaps you could frame them? The apron is so beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Christine x

  3. Why not incorporate them into a memory cloth? ( a la Karen Ruane wrapping cloths) Hugs

  4. Well, that's always the question isn't it. I'm not overly sentimental so I don't tend to keep much. I just try to find good homes for the other stuff. For items like that I'd search out an artist that makes things with vintage fabrics and trims.

  5. Oh the treasures you have found. The yarn top looks like a form of knitted yo-you crocheted together. My Grandma made an afghan long ago using a plastic "knitting machine" that created a type of yo-yo that she then stitched together. It won a blue ribbon at the fair. Each suggestion you have gotten looks like very good ideas. So beautiful are these vintage pieces of cloth and creative stitches.

  6. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Love that orange sweater! The Quaker made one like it using a hand held thingy with little 'needles' that popped out around the edges. You wound the wool around these 'needles' in a figure 8 then did a sort of back-stitch to form the centre then crocheted them together. I still have it....somewhere!

  7. What great treasures you have found! I was thinking what about a small memory quilt made from them. or multiple small ones for each of your children.

  8. Each of those pieces is indeed a treasure (can you tell I am sentimental and enjoy textiles of all kinds!).
    That sweater would have looked lovely over a blouse or dress I'm sure...really beautifully done.
    And your baby dresses too too precious.
    The blush pink one looks extra sweet to me.
    The handmade apron sure is special too.
    What to do
    What to do...
    I picked up some old sheer baby dresses years ago and have in mind to do a mixed media piece honoring my mother who was a great seamstress and all around talented lady. Oh marks five years since she died.
    Perhaps this is a gentle nudge from her to get going on the project in my head.
    Thank you ... I can even get sentimental over others treasures ;-)

  9. Yes, it is hard to know what to do with these treasures. I'm not much help at the moment.


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