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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Toys and mumblings

I have a new toy.  And a whole new learning curve ahead of me.  

This new little piece of technology has arrived and now I just have to figure out how to use it.  Scary thought!   I am assured, from various sources, that I will love it.  Wonder how long it will take for me to get to that point?!!

Further in the little series of old photos, here's another one.  Please feel free to use in your art work (but I would really love to see what you do!).

This one is also my grandmother (on the right)
and her friend. 

As I've been sorting through these old papers and documents, I stumbled across a poem my mother wrote, dated 1940 (which would have been when she was hospitalized with TB)....

White caps set on a stormy lake
Beneath a sky of grey
A seagull stirred by the moving wind
Sails smoothly across the bay.
A sail boat set by a cool green shore
Rocks heavily in the breeze
And the bright red hues of autumn leaves
Are showing in the trees.
While here I lie on a bed so dull
But in my heart a ray
I dream of the day when my love and I
In our ship of dreams sail away.
I know the ship will sometimes toss
As the waters roughly roll
But I'll feel secure with the one I love
And hold within my soul.

- Evelyn Webster, 1940


  1. Good luck with your new toy Mary Anne! Hope the learning curve isn't too frustrating!! Love that little yo yo dog! So cute! Another beautiful poem.... very talented in your family!! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  2. A very lovely poem. I wasn't raised by my parents so I don't have pictures of my relatives. It's so cool that you are doing this research.

    Have a great weekend.
    xx, Carol

  3. Enjoy your tablet! I had a few harsh words for mine for the first few times, but we learned to get along and now we're BFF!

  4. What a lovely poem. I like the photo of your mom and her sister. My mom threw out all of my dad's photos because she didn't know who the people were. She did ask me and my brother if we wanted them but we were only 13 and 14 so they didn't matter to us. What a shame. Anyway, I too got a tablet. Learning curve is right. I should put more time into figuring things out but I'd rather be sewing.

  5. How wonderful to find an old poem written by your Mom, what a treasure!
    I also got a new mobile for Christmas and have been slowly learning....
    Enjoy the new toy!

  6. Aren't you lucky having her poem written in her hand - it's beautiful as is the photo.
    Lots of interesting places to explore - I love these journeys of yours - thank you MA!
    Happy Valentines!
    Shane x

  7. Enjoy your new toy! You will love it.

  8. Happy Valentine's Day, MA, again, lovely hussif and thanks for sharing your mom's
    poem, beautiful.

  9. Your mother's poem is very beautiful. I do hope she was able to realize her dreams. Learning curves are not as easy for me as they were when I was younger. Enjoy your new tablet. Fun links as always...Thank You.

  10. Hope your new toy is a lot of fun! What a delightful poem from your mum.

  11. I am having difficulty leaving a second comment for some reason.
    Here is what I tried to type but couldn't get to register:
    "The photographs of your ancestors are really special.
    The cabinet cards back then were little works of art themselves with the company's logos and special border around the actual photo.
    Such a sweetie.

    Lovely poem and photo here as well MA.

  12. Hi Mary Anne,
    Hope you are enjoying your new toy more by now!
    I love these photos, and even more so because they are your relatives!
    Barbara xx


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