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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

At the brink

I put the last stitch in the latest secret project so you will soon be seeing something creative on this blog.  Mind you, the next project on my list is rather questionable!!  I may have mentioned previously that I have a 'Grande Plan' (imagine that said with an appropriate snooty air!!).  Said 'Plan' involves:

 - the lying of a queen-sized sheet on the living room floor (the only place in this apartment there is space for such an endeavor).  

- the opening of three large-ish bags of white 'bits' of fabrics/vintage pieces/doilies etc. and tossing the pieces in the general direction of the floored sheet

-  much crawling about on said floor arranging and most probably re-arranging all the bits  and even more crawling about pinning things down (hopefully not to the carpet!)

- hauling the lot to the sewing machine and sewing down, using one of my 'fancy' stitches 

- a visit to the chiropractor to re-align my knees

- standing back and deciding whether I've created something worthwhile, or something that looks like critter barf

The Plot Thickens!!

Another in the ancestor series.
I have no idea who this couple is unfortunately.

Here's another of the autograph book pieces, dated July 17, 1938...

You'll find there's nothing sweeter
Clear to the journey's end
Than one who understands you
A good and faithful friend
So here's the whole thing in a line
I'm glad I'm yours and you are mine


  1. Ohh, the grand plan!

  2. I can't wait to see it, You do like to tease.

  3. I highly doubt anything you create could look like "critter barf"! There is no way I could work on the floor. That is quite the "Dandy" couple in this photo.

  4. The grand plan sounds very interesting.... I'll look forward to hearing and seeing more! Great hat in the photo! Christine x

  5. I'm intrigued by your description of this endeavor! What a lovely couple. I'm sorry no one remembers them, though.

  6. Looking forward to seeing your creation...BTW, I chuckled at the mention of the chiro

  7. Another great photo and another great quote. :) Your grand plan does sound fun! I look forward to seeing how it turns out. And, I hope it is not too hard on the knees!

  8. I am wondering if you invented the Grand Plan or were inspired by someone else's GP? No matter, we are all eager to see what you have come up with!
    xx, Carol

  9. Such great clothing, they are snippets of times past but always amaze me how smart theyd be for their photos.
    A great shame smiles weren't always evident mind you - many of my folks sat rigid and dour back then too!


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