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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Christmas,'s not July OR December....

Betcha' that post title made you stop and wonder if I've finally gone off the deep end (something that many of my friends have accused me of doing multiple times already).  Well, anyone who is involved with magazine publication realizes that there's a several month lead-in so that the edition can be put together.

In that light, Pam Kellogg has just put the call out for Christmas themed submissions for an extra-special publication of 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly'.  Think in terms of the way Christmas was when we were kids - lots of tinsel on the Christmas tree and the smell of cookies baking in the air (and the ones we snuck when Mom's back was turned -and  from out of the freezer too!). 

Pam is looking not only for your Christmas and Hanukkah themed crazy quilt projects, but also for your special memories of Christmas.  The deadline is May 1st and you can find more details HERE.  

This sounds like such fun!!

Here's another in my series of old family photos (feel free to snag them and use them in your creations!)...

 Another of the autograph book entries, this one dated July 2, 1939....  "The world, Dwight Morrow once wrote to his son, is divided into people who do things and people who get the credit.  Try if you can to belong to the first class.  There is far less competition"


  1. That quote made me laugh :)

  2. Another very sweet image thank you MA!
    I've got my mother's autograph book she had as a young girl - it's a lovely look into the past.

  3. Your posts always brighten my day Mary Anne! This one has reminded me I must get thinking about the CQ Competition Block! Thank you! Christine x

  4. Thanks for the reminder to order my CQQ spring issue!!

  5. I like that quote too, and the those sepia photos are just so special.

  6. Love the photo....and the quote. It made me smile.

  7. Thanks for the info. Yes, less competition being a doer!

  8. Love, love that gorgeous photo! Christmas - wow! can't think of that. Ha!

  9. Such a sweet photo, and ow true that quote from the autograph book is!
    Barbara xx


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