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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A freebie for you

For the past three days I've been immersed in computer wrangling with family photos, so needless to say there has been nothing of the stitching sort happening around here to show you.  

So, instead I thought I'd share one of the old family photos with you.  You have my permission to use it in your art work (but I would really love to see what you might do with it!).  Over the next while I'll share a few more because the next project 'up' on the embroidery frame has to be a secret.

Here you go...

This picture is of my maternal grandmother
Alice Myrtle Vesey
born in 1893

Continuing with the 'Autograph Book Series'.... 

A smile may be given to many,
It's only of friendship a part,
But give not a kiss unto any
who holds not the love of your heart"


  1. Oh I adore Alice!Thanks Mary Ann. I ahve an idea where I might use this photo.

  2. I enjoy looking at old pictures, but usually I look...I like and move on. BUT for some reason I REALLY love this picture!! I think it's her face and the pose. She looks so dressed up, but then she casually leans her arm up on the chair. Just a gorgeous picture.

    I wish so much that I had old photos of my ancestors. My grandmother was born in 1884 and lived in Chicago. I love knowing that information when I come across a historical article about that era and think about what her life must have been. Her family lived in Chicago and had a farm for the summer in Michigan City Indiana. I think they were probably wealthy.

    Fun for you to be doing this research!!
    xx, Carol

  3. What a lovely photograph Mary Anne! Nice saying too! Christine x

  4. Great photo! Uxbridge, eh? Old and still stomping grounds of my DH's family.

  5. Oh, what a treasure!!! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  6. The photographs of your ancestors are really special.
    The cabinet cards back then were little works of art themselves with the company's logos and special border around the actual photo.
    Such a sweetie.

  7. Thank you for sharing this sweet photo. She looks quite a character, and gorgeous! Have a lovely creative week, even if it's not stitching. :)

  8. I'm really enjoying your series of photos.You are so lucky to have all these pictures!
    This one is especially sweet!
    Barbara xx

  9. That is such a beautiful photo!! Thank you so much for sharing dear, thank you for giving us the opportunity to use it as well. I'm so sorry to be so late in my visit, I had a nasty cold. Wishing you a beautiful day, xx


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