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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Totally disagreeable

Today has been a totally disagreeable day.  We have had snow, rain and now freezing rain.  There are icicles forming on our balcony and ice on the windows.  Brrr.  Very glad it's been a stay-at-home day!

I didn't get time today to lay out the 'Grande Plan' project so no pictures to share as yet. the meantime, how about a couple more ancestors?

The lady above, although named on the back, doesn't as yet fit into my family tree.The gentleman below seems to be wearing some sort of official vestment - but I have no idea what its significance might be.

There's a couple of things you might find interesting...

- Judy Cooper recently shared a post showing some of the beautifully stunning embroideries from the '1713 Treaty of Utrecht' exhibit. They are well worth seeing HERE.  

- If you'd like to knit something really cute for Easter (or any other time of the year) there's a little pattern HERE.  

Another in the autograph book series,dated Jan. 1940.... "Be discriminating in your charitable impulses.  After you have given a man a leg up in the world, you often find that the same leg turns around and kicks you"


  1. We had the same suite of weather conditions here today! I came in from evening chores looking and feeling like I had gone overboard and swam to shore ;)

  2. I would love to share our sunshine with you. For this being an El Niño year for us we are not having the rain we thought we would have. Now that my daffodils are blooming it should snow and smash those beautiful blossoms to the happens every year. Sunshine Smiles Dear...

  3. Your man does look very official and well dressed. Sorry about the weather - we are still sweltering in the sunshine here.

  4. Hope your weather has improved today! It has been very cold here but lovely and sunny.... really starting to feel like Spring! (I've probably just jinxed us!) Loved the embroideries you gave us the link for! Keep warm! Christine x

  5. Brrr! Hope you stay warm and dry! Good weather for getting things done inside.

  6. Thanks for the link to my blog post about the embroideries! Sorry about your weather. We are having pretty good weather these days. Today it was 11C and sunny. Who would expect this in February! :)
    Keep warm!

  7. Hope your weather is better today. We have been having such an unusual prairie winter this year. It's Feb. 26 and our high today is +12!! Will check out your links. Thanks :)

  8. Thanks for the links! I do hope your weather warms up soon.


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