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Friday, February 26, 2016

I'm so hot

And no, I'm not referring to my looks (get your minds out of the gutter!!).  I have spent most of the afternoon slaving over a hot iron (and if you think I'm ironing clothes, you're definitely way off base!) and crawling about on the living room floor.  
Yep, the Grande Plan (or grand folly, depending on what happens next) has begun.  I have pictures.  

These piles (and more besides) are being transformed.

Queen sized sheet,lying on living room floor (and before you ask, the wrinkles will be removed).

Below, a close-up of the beginnings...

There will be bits and pieces of fabrics, vintage and otherwise; bits of things that were made by my grandmother and other bits garnered from friends.  There will be doilies.  And there will be bits of tablecloths.  There will be lace.  And tatting.  

My chiropractor is  going to love me, 
once he finishes yelling at me, that is.

And, just for a change of pace,
here's what DH is playing with this afternoon....

That lump of odd-looking goo is, fingers crossed, going to end up being bread.  We've been playing at making our own kefir and have discovered that it's VERY prolific and now we're on a constant quest to find uses for it.  There is no yeast in this bread - this is what it looks like after 'percolating' overnight. Much like sourdough I guess, but no sugar as there is in most sourdoughs.

Yet another of our experiments.

Another from the autograph book series, dated Dec. 17th 1940....

Forget you that I never will
As long as I can whistle
I might as well forget to yell
When sitting on a thistle


  1. Wow, another ambitious project underway! Will be looking forward to watching it grow. :)

  2. Your Grand Cloth Collage is going to be such an amazing project. I would slave over a hot iron too for working on this. Interesting looking bread. I bet it will taste delicious hot from the oven with butter slathered all over it. Yum!

  3. Oh who cares about a sore back when you have all those delicious lovelies!!! I am a tad jealous way down here. Bags and bags of linens, tatting, fabrics etc etc is the best thing since sliced bread! =)

  4. love your Grand Plan....looking forward to its progress.

  5. If you were close by I would give you some doilies.
    If that sourdough comes out well, post the recipe please.

  6. Mary Anne, this is looking very interesting! But I'm on a similar quest with trying to find a sourdough that doesn't use sugar and you are saying that is kefir??

  7. OH fabulous that's going to be a fun project to work on! Love that idea!
    I have bought myself some kefir grains too now, though forgot to get the full fat milk so will get that tomorrow and start mine off then.
    Do share the recipes please!
    If I'm going to have oodles of it Id best make good use of what I have too.
    Is it likely to aid wrinkles if we blather it on our skin do you think?
    ( well, might be worth a try of we get plenty lol)

  8. You are up up lots of fun! Home made bread is delicious, and your husband is making it while you arrange and create, doesn't get much better.

  9. Yay! Grand plan has begun.....very interested in watching it happen. And the bread look delish

  10. I can't wait to see how this project progresses. How did the bread turn out??

  11. you wouldn't believe how excited I am about your sheet and other assorted beautiful bits!!

  12. Your grand plan is off to a great start. Hope your back and knees do not protest too much. The bread dough looks amazing.

  13. Naughty girl - I can't be on my knees for long now either! They give me grief!
    That looks like a huge project (not to you) for me it would be daunting!
    Love the autographs and the bread!
    Shane x


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