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Friday, February 19, 2016

A case of mumbling

You can tell from the title of this post that there's nothing that's stitching that is allowed to be shown here at the moment.  Trust me, there is stitching happening though.

 I will 'reward' you with another in my free series of images...

This one shows my grandmother (Alice Myrtle (Vesey) Webster on the back right), her siblings, and her parents Reuben Vesey and Fannie (White) Vesey.  Alice, who went by her middle name of Myrtle, was born 1893 & died in 1965.  Reuben (1855-1921) and Fannie (1865-1930) and the siblings are Olive (1897-1962); William (1890-1955) Henry (1888-1943); Mary (1905-1969) and Clifford (1902-1964).  

Another of the old autograph book quotes - this one dated Oct. 16, 1938... "This busy world goes round and round and keeps one busy too, but never too much occupied for just a thought of you"


  1. Love your ramblings :) But I have to say I truly enjoy your old family photos as I have been wanting to do some ancestry myself :) Sadly I have very very little family info and am afraid not enough to be as successful as you. Thank you for sharing <3 Perhaps I'll try researching and be able to share some day as well <3


  2. I especially enjoy checking the owlcam early in the morning because the birds I won't hear at my place for months are already singing there! Maybe they never leave? :)

  3. I love your old family photos. They really tell a tale of the times. Always enjoy your "mumblings" dear...thank you.

  4. Amazing vintage family photos- truly a priceless treasure to cherish. I wonder what will become of my photo memories as most of them are digital....

    The owl cam is amazing!!

    Ps--- I'm so longing for spring!!

  5. I agree, those roosters are cute! Must save that link.


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