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Thursday, February 03, 2011


Sorry folks, no pictures today, unless you really wanted to see the pile of jeans I managed to get hacked up...No?....okay's my news & views for the day....

1.  First of all, happy Chinese New Year to those that are celebrating the year of the rabbit.

2.  Carole has posted the registration details on her blog for the on-line fabric journal class.  Go HERE for that!

3.  Pam Kellogg has posted another in her ongoing series about coping with depression.  This time she talks about cabin fever and, as always, she has some very good suggestions (good for anyone who doesn't suffer from depression too).  Have a look HERE.

Finally, here's another quote - "Use your mind and your hands simply for joy".  (Author unknown)


  1. I like your quote. Everybody needs joy in their life.

  2. Oh, I do love that quote and Pam's blog too. Thank you for these "mumblings"! Have a beautiful, creative sort of weekend!!! :D Paulette

  3. I went and looked at these books on Amazon. The embroidery one looks fabulous, I will order that in the future I think. I have just spent a fortune on paints so will have to wait. I keep looking at that bird on when I get Cloth Paper Scissors e-mails and am tempted, it looks so cute. I am a book freak as well. Thanks for the suggestions

  4. Checked out the links ..not quite ready to do journal, maybe later....cabin fever tips are great, in fact just what I do except I bake bread and make soup. As you know I am obsessed with tangles at the moment....seeing them everywhere!

  5. Good Morning MA! Thanks for mentioning my latest article on depression.

    BTW - I'd much rather look at a pile of jeans than the endless piles of snow we have outside!


  6. and a Happy Lunar New Year to you too Mary Anne

    there is something about jean fabric...isn't there!

    Love your quote!
    p.s. oh an I think it's brilliant Carole is offering her class again...I enjoyed it so very much!


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