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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Denim bags

As promised,
here are photos of
what I've created
over the past couple of days...

Both of these are made of recycled denim.  It's hard to see in the photos but each bag has a recycled jean pocket on the sides for extra storage (keys, sunglasses?).  The flowers were made of circles of denim that I (at great peril to the house) burned around the edges.  Of course the smoke alarms took great exception to that and screamed mightily, scaring the wits out of the cats...oops. I used a commercial pattern by Simplicity (#2597).

I will leave you with another of my favourite quotes...  " The human mind, once expanded to take in a new idea never goes back to its original size".  - Oliver Wendell Holmes


  1. Hi Magpie! Now those are really beautiful bags!...I didn't know you could use denim to make those flowers! How pretty they came out, and they look fab on your bags....Great quote! Enjoy your week! :D Paulette

  2. Love the bags. I really like recycled denim.

  3. Great bags and love the flower. Hope you are having a super nice week, Hugs, Kim

  4. Anonymous8:14 PM

    I love your bags they are so nice and cozy have to check that pattern out at work may be one I just like. Hugs Linda

  5. these are beautiful MA. Reminds me of the one you made me awhile back. I love it and use it quite often, always receiving lots of comments. Hey, by the way, did you ever use the poly clay head I sent you? Just curious. :)

  6. These are creative are you?! xoxo

  7. Looks like they hold a lot of stuff. Most of the denim I have around the house these days have stretch in them. I was, however, gifted with an old pair of my son's - he wanted me to use a piece of it to repair another pair of jeans...

  8. The bags are great and I love the flowers you made. I had to snicker though about singing the edges in the house.

    My oldest grandson has a facination of fire. We learned that when he was young. When we realized it, we never ever allowed a lighted fire in the house again.
    But years ago I would have singed in the house too!

  9. Great bag MA! I really got a picture in my mind of you burning your denim, alarm sounding and all sorts of fun craziness going on!

  10. I love using the pocket again as, a pocket! nice stuff, Maggie.


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