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Saturday, February 12, 2011


The first issue of....

a wonderful, brand new
magazine all about
crazy quilting!!

Pat Winter has done an outstanding job on this and I'm very excited to have ordered my copy already and it will arrive in the mail shortly.  You can also get a digital copy if that's your preference.  I see several people are getting both!  I prefer a hold-in-my-hand magazine, so I will wait to get it that way.  If you want to see more and hopefully place an order, the address is  You can see some previews there too.  Congratulations Pat on a job well done!!!!!!!!

For the knitters in the crowd, you might like to have a look at THIS.  Knit Circus is an online (free) magazine for knitters.


  1. thanks for the you, I like to hold hard copy in my hands...sometimes I will even print an article rather than sit glue to the screen.

  2. Looks amazing...just wish I could find some time to do such fun stuff. xoxoxoxo Happy weekend.

  3. I also prefer a ''hold in the hand'' magazine. This one looks really tempting!!


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