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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More denim reduction!

Today I began working on these  needleholders which will ultimately be little surprises for some friends.

This is the outside - made from recycled denim,
of course!!

And here's the inside...

The centre is felt.

EDITED TO ADD:  The original pattern for this comes from

To continue the denim theme, I stumbled on THIS yesterday and was totally awed by the scenes made from denim.  Have a look!


  1. great find, MA. I never seem to stumble upon such awesome stuff

  2. Love your needle cases! Cannot imagine sewing that detailed on!
    Then I checked your link and WOW---how do they DO THAT???
    And all I'm doing is baking clay and playing with paint. <:-\


  3. Love the needlecase MA.
    I can send you more denim when you run out.
    . .

  4. It was quite surprising when you opened it up. That's nice. Love it!

  5. these are great! the contrast between the inside and out is lovely..

  6. Thanks for the link - great stuff.
    I really like the needleholder. You seem to be using up a lot of denim...

  7. OOOO, I saw his work too. Isn't he amazing! Love your needle keeper. I saw Susan's needlebook and have been thinking I need to make something to keep my needles in too!

  8. wow!! Beautiful. I've always wanted to try recycling denims,but there seems to be a long distance between wanting and doing :)
    Love the bags too:)

  9. Hi MA, so fun that you are working in Denim! I was amazed by the link you posted. Such detail and all in denim. It seemed appropriate that the Swedish/Danish landscapes are in shades of blue. It is winter and dark so much of the year there. Denmark is one of my absolute favorite places, so these spoke to me. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. Hi Magpie! How adorable this is, and what a great idea too!...Those denim pictures are amazing!...As far as the deer go, I feel EXACTLY the same way you do! Have a great night! :D Paulette

  11. These are great projects, what an excellent way to use old jeans.

  12. Love what you are doing with recyled jeans MA. I have three pairs in a bag waiting to go to the local charity shop - maybe I might change my mind .....?
    Thanks for dropping by - much appreciated.


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