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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wooz - eeeeee?????

Well, the basement reno is moving along and today the new carpet was installed.  It looks really nice and certainly brightens up the space considerably (the old carpet was dark brown and this is a pretty taupe).  The only problem is that I have a physical aversion to the smell of new carpet and my trips down to my studio (which is right next door to the freshly carpeted area) are going to be sadly curtailed until the smell leaves the premises.  I don't know why it is, but I get decidedly light-headed when I'm in carpet stores and sometimes in fabric stores too. 

Just a quick reminder - Dolores and Leone?  I need your snail mail addys so I can sent out the magazines you 'won' yesterday...thanks.

Mary Corbet of NeedlenThread reminded me of a lovely piece of needlework that, if it gets enough votes, might be headed into space!  Go here to check her post and then place your vote.  Wouldn't it be something if a piece of stitching went into space?    While you are at Mary's site, don't forget to look around.  She never fails to have something interesting to share about stitching.


  1. there's a lot of nasty chemicals in new carpet - glues, dyes, scotchbrite type stuff, antiwear sprays etc, it's called outgassing and goes on for some time. you might need to leave windows open if you can.

  2. MA...I think it is the 'finish' in the carpet ( most likely a lot of horrid chemicals) wonder we like vintage

  3. Hope your new carpet smell disappears fast my friend...nothing worse than having to put up with something that bothers you....Happy December!!!

  4. Thank you. I just sent you my snail mail addy.

  5. Yep, same here with carpet, it is the fumes. Carpet has a lot of chemicals in it that are not so good for your health, if you are really allergic you can get wool carpet.
    What is driving me nuts about our carpet which we have in the bedrooms, is all the fibers coming off it onto my dark hardwood. You should see the junk I get off that carpet when I vacuum... YUK, but I do like carpet in the bedrooms, it's cozier :)

  6. I know exactly what you mean...I believe it's called "gasing out" when the chemical finishes waft into the air...I too am sensitive to those sorts of smells

    I get so annoyed when stepping out into the fresh air and I can smell neighbor's fabric softener sheets choking the air...who needs fragrance in clean clothes...we already have shampoo...deordorant...soap and other smells going on
    YOIKES...must step off my soap box...:)
    p.s. lots of open windows!!! Beeswax candles are supposed to purify the air...pure beeswax that is

  7. I have the same problem MaryAnne. One of our local fabric stores used to carry a lot of heavy vinyls and when they would get a new shipment I would walk in and have to walk right out. I couldn't take the smell.

    Apparently I have read that they now have new "green" carpeting that does not omit these odors. Fine time to tell you that, eh?

    Keep the windows open and put a couple of fans down there just as if you were drying it out. Might help to move it out.




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