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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Linkie goodness

I've been sewing on another jacket and that's kinda boring to show you (at least until I get it finished) so I thought maybe you might like to visit some of the blogs and sites I have on my RSS feed.  I subscribe to these and thought it would be fun to share a few with you now and then.  So, here goes....

- Judi has an interesting site that quite often shows her latest art dolls, along with lots of other fun things too.

- Susan Lenz is a perennial favourite of mine.  Her work is SO inspiring and so very different.

- Vero posts about her sewing and garden (with a few interesting trips thrown in).

- I know I've told you about Allie Aller before and I never tire of seeing her stitch work.

The next three are general crafting sites and quite often have good ideas.  There is some overlap between them at times....
Craft Gossip;    Craftzine;   and  Craftside.

Have fun with those and in a day or so I'll be back with a few more. 


  1. Susan Lenz is great! I love those Decision Portraits and her new Thread Spools.

  2. I dont think it would be boring to see. I will check out your recommendations though. Also, never heard of craftside...Thanks.
    Hope your day is happy.
    Hugs, Kim


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