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Monday, December 06, 2010

Studio unveil!! (Part One)

The long-awaited studio unveil
(or at least part of it!!).

Do you remember this???

The above pictures are the 'befores' that I took just before I began painting.   The walls were a soft purple and the furniture was green.  OK, but not something that might be advantageous to attract any potential buyers!  If you have a look in my sidebar under 'studio tour' you can see more 'before' pictures.

I will show you the 'new' studio in two posts, one today and one tomorrow.  There are a number of pictures and I wouldn't want to either bore you OR overload your computer!!  The colours here aren't exactly 'true' - envision a lb. of butter and you have the wall colour.

Here you go...

This is just inside the door.  The dresser holds my crazy quilting fabrics, pretty much sorted by colour.
The cabinet to the left holds my beads and there is more fabric storage below.

My bookshelf, being guarded by my dragon!
You can just see my 1950's sewing machine.
The cabinet under the iron holds various items - a few
office supplies and little things that don't seem
to fit anywhere else.

The little cabinet above is a 'find' from
the thrift store - little cubbies to hold


There's my little sewing machine and the
cabinet below - all yard sale finds!
This is beside the door in the other direction.
My cutting table, up on blocks to make it
high enough for me to use in comfort.
You can see the cat toy hanging from the
drawer handle.
The plastic unit below holds my laces and trims.
Above is my inspiration board
(another yard sale find).

More tomorrow!!


  1. Magpie, I lovelovelove your green sewing machine!

  2. Wow this is great and I am loving butter colored walls. With white furniture butter colored walls are beautiful and something everyone can work with. Potential buyers will love this room. Can't wait to see tomorrows tour. I love the 50's singer sewing machine!

  3. MA, Your studio looks great! It is so nice to get a fresh look on occasion. Happy Creating!

  4. Fresh. That's what it is. I guess you did some re-organizing at the same time.

  5. fresh and bright, very attractive to potential buyers - but now you've got to try to keep it like that! k.

  6. looking amazing!! Oh for that much space!! I may have my stuff spread all over the house...e.g. more room...a whole house but that's because I haven't got a space just for me. My lot are so selfish!! Nobody will give up their bedroom...wonder why!!??(only joking, they need a bedroom...I suppose!!)

  7. It looks great! My first sewing studio had butter colored walls and I loved that so much. I wish I would have rethought warm white for this one before all the furniture came in...LOL!!!
    Very very nice!


  8. Worth all the work, it looks lovely and fresh. How organized you are with everything, I never seem to be able to keep things straight, I do try, honest......

  9. wow looking great just love the transformation what a lovely space this will be to work in.

  10. love all that stuff, i love those old sewing machines, i have 3 and one i got for 3 dollars, none over 15 hurray.....Of course I look over there and deb said the same thing about the sewing machine, ha ha .....great minds, great taste :)


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