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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Art doll - Raisa

Yes, I messed my studio up today!!

But, I was playing with a doll which was
WAY more fun than a clean studio
any day!

Meet Raisa....

Isn't she sweet?
Her body is a petit-point box measuring about 3x4".
Gail had added the ruffle around the bottom, along
with some interchangeable legs.
I thought and thought about what Raisa
would want next,
and finally she told me she wanted
more music in her life.
in my clearing out of 'stuff' lately
I happened across a
"Let Us Have Music For Piano"
book I had when I was little,
and an idea was formed.

I copied the first few bars of 'Rigoletto' (La Donna e mobile) by Verdi  onto fabric and made her a collar with some beads as embellishment.  She liked that very much.  
But she wanted MORE!!
So I stash dived and made her arms - using some coiled wire with more beads - plus copper wire inside for strength.  Now she has arms AND legs and she's pretty happy.
Next came her journal.
Yvonne had altered an old music book
for us to use as a journal for Raisa.

Here's the first page....
I used the first few bars of 'Rigoletto' again, along with a copy of the words.  More stash diving yielded the lace flower and the word 'music'.  There's a tag in behind the words that has my info.

And here's page two...

More of the music from 'Rigoletto', a piece of turquoise ribbon and some music charms.  The quote is from Maya Angelou.   Hope you like what I did Yvonne!


  1. Glad you messed up your studio -I was starting to get worried about you.Love the doll.

  2. OH MY, she looks wonderful. I love the music idea MA and everything you did for her and the journal. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks so much! Great job!

  3. great depth ... beauty and playfulness in what you are creating here MA ... music is such an inspiration isn't it

    fab quote too!

  4. she is soooo lovely!!!!

  5. i knew it wouldn't take long to make a mess in there, now that's better isn't it. And i can't stress how important it is to have interchangeable legs! music was just right, well heard. k.

  6. I love watching how each of you add to the dolls and transform them.

    A studio is not meant to be it?


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