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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Studio unveil (Part Two)

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments yesterday about my studio redo!  I'm certainly happy with it.  As promised, here are more pictures....

The computer area.  Above the desk you can see a wonderful carved
wooden clock that a friend gave me a few years ago.  
Under the printer is the latest sewing machine
I've acquired.  I have yet to try it out!
My work area.
My trusty Janome is at the ready!
Above is a shelf that holds several things
I'm displaying - these are on a rotation so that
there's something new there periodically.
In a former life this little unit was red.
Now it's a nice cream colour and holds
little bits of things.  Perhaps if you
embiggen the picture you can see what
I keep in there.
This little treasure is a music box - 
another thrift store find!

A new addition to my space is this
lazy susan supply holder. 
I love it because all my
most used things are easy
to see.

Finally, this unit fits handily in the
corner and holds yet more
of my most-used supplies.
See the little sewing machine?
It's a pencil sharpener!

If there's anything you'd like a better look at, let me know in the comments and I'll try to get a close up.

The room isn't quite done yet - the trim needs to go down around the baseboards, but it will have to wait until after Christmas.  The cabinet I keep my iron on is also destined for a paint job in the new year.  Hope you've enjoyed seeing my new space.



  1. BRAVO!!!!
    And have a great time messing it up! I love when my studio is somewhat clean, but it never lasts.... *sigh*
    I guess that's why we should always have photos! :D
    Lovely space; glad you have it to create in!


  2. I was going to say...much too neat to play in...definitely time to mess it up and have some fun creating!

  3. It looks like you have a very nice creative space to work in. Have fun messing it up!

  4. Yeah, go ahead. Creativity is never neat. I do love that music box. I hope it works but even if it doesn't, it's wonderful just sitting there. Nice to see you so organized.

  5. Yes, go mess it up, it looks too organized and tidy, but absolutely awesome, you must be enjoying it so much :)

  6. OK, something is wrong with my blogger because you havent been showing up and now come over here and I am not a follower....anyways, i love the desk, i have that same white pencil holder from a yard sale....I love the janome, I have a baby lock, my gift to me when i got laid off in 2007 and got severance pay.


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