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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My loved ones...

I know I've probably never shown pictures
here of my boys and their fiances.

I think it's high time I 'introduced' them,
don't you?

First is #1 son RJ (Robert)
and his fiance Julia...

here is # 2 son Shawn
and his fiance Winnie...

and finally,
just to make your day complete,
Mr & Mrs. S. Claus...


  1. That is some good looking sons and fiances you have there. Mr and Mrs Claus are right in the spirit of things!

  2. Oh cool!!! Love the *Santa's*!!!!
    And hey, new template, BG and all~~had to check where I was (not that it requires much for me to have to do that...)
    Nice family pics; looks like a great holiday was had by all!


  3. Ahhhhh
    What's wrong with the men in your life MA don't they like razors.

  4. Lovely family MA. I love beards myself. My DH has one and it is getting as white as your Mr. Santa's. LOL Your 2 boys look tall and thin like my son John. I never show my family either when I blog. Don't know what it is. Maybe one day. :) Thanks for sharing this. OH BTW, you look great!

  5. Love the photos of you and your family... great looking bunch!
    How festive you two look, Mr and Mrs Claus!

  6. my goodness, they are definitely your boys! Obviously too they picked women as beautiful as Mom :)

  7. What a handsome group you are! and I hope you had a merry time over the holidays and plan on a good New Year, too!

    I'm finally all caught up in your great blog, Maggie, so cheerful always no matter what. I love that.

  8. Hey! Those are some good looking sons there and they've chosen beautiful women. Congrats! Mr. and Mrs. Clause aren't bad either. Happy New Year!


  9. I'm scooping up your Christmas potato recipe. It looks so good and I'm a fan of the make-ahead option! Thanks.

  10. What a lovely group. Wedding bells in the future - always good news.
    Ha! had to laugh at Doreen G's comment on your men and razors. My son-in-law grows a beard for the winter to keep his face warm.

  11. How lovely to finally meet your beautiful family Mary Anne, thanks for the intros. k.

  12. Did you go down the chimney together or one at a time? Did you make the costumes? Great picture for the kids to keep.

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your kids and future kids. Hope you don't have 2 weddings in 1 year. We did - daughter in March and son in Nov. Now I think on it it wasn't really that bad. It is like labor pains - fade with time.
    Start saving your pennies.




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