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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas mouse

There's a wee little
Christmas mouse
at my house!


  1. I did not know you were a hooker!

  2. And it is a CUTE little Christmas mouse too!
    Did you make it? It looks like hooked rug method.....
    My mice are always live; for a while. <:-[


    P.S. vert word is (no joke) *miesse*
    Blogger knows what you posted!

  3. looks like someone has been busy hooking?

    Santa Mouse was a story our boys each adored as little ones...your mouse made me think of that :)

    ho ho ho

  4. My dear blogging friend - I couldn't not come here to wish you a truely Peaceful Christmas with your family. What a dear little mouse! and that jacket turned out so beautifully - clever girl!
    Love those links below - it is such a lovely idea of yours!
    And thank you so much for leaving such lovely comments on my blog throughout the year!
    x Suzy

  5. Had to laugh at what Debbie H said in your first comment LOL..
    Dropping by to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season to you and yours :)


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