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Monday, November 01, 2010

I'm honoured!

My friend Pam Kellogg of Kitty and Me has done me an extreme honour and asked me to be one of her guest bloggers.  To me it IS an incredible honour to be asked because I admire Pam so much for her beautiful work AND for her willingness to talk so openly on her blog about her struggles with depression.  I think Pam and I have 'bonded' over our issues with it (depression) and also with the fact that we both enjoy crazy quilting so much. 

If you're interested in reading my guest post please visit Pam here, and leave a comment to say hi to her!  While you're there be sure to have a look around and also check out her etsy shop where you will find all kinds of lovely things!  Pam also recently did an excellent post on creating a crazy quilt block - great learning tool for beginners. 

Thank you Pam - I really enjoyed being your guest blogger and am so tickled you asked me!!


  1. Yay! Nice Guest Blogger Blogging!

  2. how exciting!! I'm off to have a look right now!!

  3. Congratulations. How nice.

  4. I was in heaven reading 2 blogging buddies on one blog post. You did a great job and I had a chuckle thinking back on gifts I had given through out the years.
    Good Job Sister Magpie!

  5. Congrats my friend--I read it this morning and I was thrilled for you.
    Well done.

  6. Thank you Mary Anne, for such a wonderful, informative and humorous blog post! It was a pleasure to have you as a guest on my blog. And like everyone else, I adore your work!!!!

    Love & hugs!

  7. I must tell you that your post on her blog was excellent. You both share so much of what you have learned. Thanks, Connie

  8. Hi Mary Anne! I just read that lovely post over at Pam's, and I thought I'd come over and say hi! Your work is beautiful! So nice to "meet" you! =o) Paulette

  9. WhooHoo, going to take a look right now!

  10. Wow, that was really nice. I just read it and saw all the wonderful stuff you've done.

  11. Great post at Pam's Mary Anne!!You're a gem :))

  12. I so love and admire your work - you seem to excell at everything you touch. I don't get much time to comment on blogs I am afraid, but rest assure I do pay regular visits. I thought your decorated buttons were/are brilliant - when I get home this evening I'm off to read your guest appearance piece and look at your link to the online mag so that I can see how to make the buttons.

    Wish I had an ounce of your talent of all things needlecraft.

    Thanks for such a truly inspiring blog - I relish each visit I make

  13. Hooray for you! Blogging is a wonderful way to meet wonderful people~
    Wishing you the best of fun!

  14. Congratulations MA
    I am headed over to read all about you :)

    Loved the Cool-aboration website = OH MY! What a lot of wonderful eye candy!!!


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