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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh, so close!!

The contractors arrived yesterday to begin tearing out the downstairs bathroom.  Today they undertook to move the new shower in.  Well, had it been an eighth of an inch bigger it would not have gone in!!  As it was, they had to take all the doors (and frames) off between the bathroom and outside ... that was four doorways.  Yikes!  I felt so sorry for the guys because they were sure sweating their way through it.  However, the shower is in the bathroom and the next step (also very much of a problem apparently) is to marry it up somehow with the drain.  We've been feeding them cookies and coffee in the hopes that they won't hate us TOO much!!

I should be finishing up my painting, but didn't want to chance it in case something they needed to move in ended up having to move through my space.  Instead I've continued attacking the fabric stash.  4 1/2 drawers done - 1 1/2 left to go. 



  1. A Crazy Quilter needs so much stash because one never knows what fabric will be the special one needed for a great quilt. You just keep working and finding little hiding places. You can do it! I have heard there will be a prize for the one who has the most fabric one day!

  2. If you are like me, you simply just love to look at all of the fabrics and trimmings, I can sit in my work room quite happily amongst all of my bits and pieces just for the pleasure of it.
    Am I mad ??????

  3. MA you are going to love your new bathroom. You are lucky. The way it usually goes is that things are about 1/4" too big to fit. You must have a lot of fabric...drawer 4! Sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished. Take care, Connie

  4. Isn't this why she's called a crazy quilter?????

  5. Because "variety is the spice of life".

  6. Because they are crazy that's why.And if the bathroom doesn't work out you can always call Mike Holmes--"he'll make it right"

  7. I have always heard the saying the one with the most fabric wins??? Fabric is so irresistable :)
    About your question, I just used polyfill and felt.
    Hope your get all your remodels done soon and please post pics :)
    Hugs, Kim

  8. So that you can spend hours going through it; either tidying it up or looking for just the right treasure.


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