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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Look what the mailman brought!!

A few weeks ago I was the lucky winner of a giveaway on Kim's blog - a $35 gift certificate from CSN Stores and was able to choose my own prize.  It was really hard to pick from all the goodies CSN have available, but I finally settled on this.....
Our old kitchen clock is exactly that - old.  It's been painted over several times to 'match' whatever the current kitchen colour scheme was and I know it's ready to give up the ghost.  B'sides, it's a plain old cheapie plastic clock!  This one is gorgeous...I love the old-fashioned look and it will go in our kitchen perfectly!!

Thank you SO much Kim for having the giveaway, and CSN Stores for their very prompt delivery all the way to Canada!  


  1. very pretty and its always nice to have a clock in the kitchen, well everywhere we love clocks. :)

  2. Great looking clock! That's what I need I am never sure of the correct time because my clock is usually running slow. That's like me though, running slow!

  3. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Maaannnnn! You're luckier than a dog with two tails! Congrats
    Mrs Noofy

  4. Gotta love that mailman! What a nice prize you won. Yay!

  5. Perhaps you were tired when you wrote this?
    Nice close - I mean clock.

  6. Congrats!! I like the old fashioned look too. I'm looking for a clock for my sewing room...guess I'll check out this place!

  7. It's perfect - so pleased you won it


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