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Monday, November 29, 2010

More cards and some mumblings

Here are a couple more of the baby cards for you to play with....
(scroll down for the remainder of this post!!)

Sorry!  I still haven't figured out the latest changes in the picture program and my cropping is leaving something to be desired. 

The mumblings aren't really that, but I did want to point you towards a couple of interesting things you might like to know about....

1.  My friend Pam Kellogg has a new post on her blog about Creatively Coping With Depression which can be found here.  This one talks about dealing with the holidays.  Pams mom has done another post on how she deals with being bi-polar (here).  Both posts are from the heart and I admire both Pam and Adria for talking so openly.

2.  Another friend, Marie Alton, is having a giveaway on her blog.  She has challenged herself to create 100 different snowflakes and has already reached 120!!  She's looking for followers on her blog too, so be sure to check it out here and  on this post you can find details about her giveaway.

Today my order from Patternworks arrived in the mail and I'm now the proud owner of two sets (pairs, pair??) of Addi Turbo circular knitting needles.  I am so tired of knitting with my old aluminum/plastic ones and have it on good authority that Addi is the way to go.  I'll be testing them out later tonight.  I really hope to be able to knit faster!

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