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Thursday, November 25, 2010

More, and wishes

First of all, I want to be sure to wish all my friends in the US a very happy Thanksgiving Day.  Hope you are enjoying turkey and all the trimmings, or whatever  is the tradition in your family.

And, are you tired of these yet???


  1. I have a few cards like these from when my kids were born. There doesn't seem to be anything like them anymore.

  2. How very precious and even more special that these sweet cards were to welcome YOU to the world! Thank you for sharing and thank you also for your thoughtful Thanksgiving wishes. We had a warm and cozy celebration at my Mom's house...over the river and through the woods ;)

  3. MA, you're giving away your age! LOL!!! These are gorgeous. I have a few of these that I bought from Ebay. After the holidays, I think I'll make a few cards or tags with mine for the shop.

  4. The little announcement cards are so cute! I think I still have the ones my folks received when I made my grand entrance...LOL!!!
    Ate too much, up too late, but it was a nice day. Now I have to get in gear for today; hard to get back in the mindset of work though!



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