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Monday, November 08, 2010

Spoiled offspring!

#2 son (the one that's 6'8" and has a 38" inseam) has been crying the blues because the sleep pants I made him in 2005 have had the audacity to wear out.  They just don't make things like they used to, do they?

because I'm his mother
and don't like seeing
a grown boy cry...

I hauled out the pattern and made him two more pairs
out of these fabrics....

And yes, I DID crop these pictures and the computer told me they were saved as cropped.  So....hmmm....wonder why they aren't cropped here?  Serves me right for thinking I should pay attention to that little icon that kept popping up telling me to 'update' my computer!!!  Why is it that the so-called updates really aren't and are subtly hidden as huge learning curves and muck-ups of something you had just managed to figure out how to do from the LAST time there was an update??  Feel free to interject a letter of your choice to begin the word 'muck'.  



  1. Ha! At least the darling little (?) offspring wears what you make. And he appreciates it too. Do you at least get a cup of coffee out at your favourite cafe on him?

  2. that's ok, it's nice to see a bit of background cloth. lucky son to have you for a Mum. k.

  3. You're a good Mom MA. I know what you mean about "updates". I've just resigned myself to the fact that I'll never ever be computer literate. Sometimes I catch up for a minute or two, but then I lose it again.

  4. What a lucky young man to have a mom that sews. Nice choice of fabrics too!

  5. Oh my 6' 8"
    you are sweet good momma, those are great sleep pants. Going to look at the tut now.

  6. That's what us mothers are for! But I understand Dolores...I don't think my huge darlings would wear anything I made for them!

  7. I used to think it was hard finding 36" inseam for my 6'4 son but he must have an even harder time.

    He will love you forever for doing this and I am sure in the back of your mind you are pleased that he asked. Thats us Moms.



  8. A mother's work is never done!Loved your interview on Pam's blog. You have done some gorgeous work Mary Anne. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!

  9. I made the same pants for DH. He had the nerve to wear them out as well! He keeps asking me to make more. Maybe, he can ask you! I had to laugh when I saw the pattern envelope!


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