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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Proof we're working.....


Jack and Shawn working on the kitchen floor today.  The old tiles required the use of the heat gun to get them off.  The new ones are looking beautiful though and they have nearly finished...only a few odd little pieces to cut and put down tomorrow. 
Shawn is now a pro with the heat gun!

I, being a wife of thirty one years, know full well that the best way to get a big job like the kitchen floor done by the to stay the heck out of the road and tackle my own this case, painting my studio.
I have the first coat on the walls and it looks awful, but that's the way painting always looks.  
Tomorrow I hope to get the second coat on and hopefully start at the trim.


  1. good luck with the work! I have been having work done, a massive hole in my wall actually, nightmare!!

  2. Thats a lot of work going on in the house. Time for a change??
    I do not envy either of those projects. Hope you have a nice weekend perhaps a little rest and relaxation. Hugs, Kim

  3. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Awwww..MA I really loved the purple! Going to miss it! Nice to see the 'boys' playing so nicely together!
    Mrs Noofy

  4. I have found that it's best to stay out of the way too. So glad that things are getting done. It's always a good feeling when you have finished re-decorating. Especially when it's all cleaned up of tools, drop cloths, etc.

  5. Love the new floor that is going down. By the time the painting is finished you will feel like you are in a whole new kitchen.

  6. Lucky you to get a new floor!! That's on my list for the kitchen. And at least you're doing something to your studio...I look at mine and just think about all that needs to be done!

  7. Like the new floor, it looks like a whole new kitchen. Your tantalising hint at the colour of your studio is promising something stunning.


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