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Monday, November 29, 2010


I know - two posts in one day?  What's this world coming to?

However, I'm totally puzzled about something that's happening in cyberspace and I wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing the same phenomenon.  Today I have suddenly received (in my email account) a number of emails that I had sent to myself (and never received) over a year ago!!!  Not only that, I just received another email from a friend who was quite puzzled as to why I had emailed her in great excitement over winning something from her blog...which also happened OVER A YEAR AGO!!   W-h-aaaa-t???? 

Any ideas of what's going on??  Have the planets shifted or something and let loose all the lost emails that I figured had ended up plugging the hole in the ozone layer? 

Oh, and before you ask why I would be silly enough to send emails to myself - they had to do with the book I was working on and were quite legitimate.  No, I haven't taken up emailing myself (I do talk to myself sometimes, but I haven't quite resorted to doing that via email.....yet).  


  1. no, not exactly that and not today, but i occasionally receive an email or two that i had previously received, several months or longer ago. maybe cyberspace is getting dementia?

  2. Virus attack, me thinks? Maybe I shouldn't be here lest I get hit.

  3. the mysterious ways of cyber space are way beyond my comprehension, haven't you seen all the gobbledegook at the top of my page...perhaps you have moved into a life within a paralell universe...wish I could find the door to that one!

  4. I've never heard of or experienced something like that. Glad to hear you are only writing to yourself, not talking to yourself. Lol.

  5. Yes, I have had that happen. Usually it is at the e-mail server end of things---when something is being switched over, or a glitch, and then your lucky e-mail gets *caught*.
    I e-mail items to myself all the time that I want to check later. I have found since our old BB was bought out that it is hit and miss if I get them. Yahoo is SLOW but I get them. However, the other day I received a group of three e-mails 3 or 4 different times from Yahoo and I was beginning to think I was in time warp.......
    It's just the servers.
    You haven't lost your mind. ;)


  6. HA! I email myself all the time--great way to remember things :)

    Have never had any show up that way though--the universe is a puzzling place, especially in CyberSpace :)

  7. That IS strange MA. No, I haven't had that happen to me yet, but the day is young! LOL I have received cell phone calls and texts that were sent days or weeks earlier. They were floating around somewhere for quite a time. LOL

  8. Hey Sister!
    Know your email is as slow as your snail mail! LOL

  9. You might want to check with your email. They may have been updating their system, and inadvertently resent stuff that was up on the server for yeah these many months.

    I've noticed weirdness like this and later the email people have announced wonderful new features...yeah, how about fixing the old ones first?


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