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Friday, October 29, 2010

Art doll - Audacity

This afternoon I finished working on Gail's doll Audacity for the Art Doll Cool-aberation 2010.  When Audacity arrived, this is what she looked like....
Gail is the queen of paper mache and did a wonderful job of creating a base for us to work on.  In case you don't remember me talking about this before - we were to create the beginning of a doll but not the entire body, which would leave more room for interpretation by the other artists.  I had a really difficult time deciding what I wanted to add to her - I thought of, and rejected, numerous ideas.  I finally resorted to the old trick of thinking about it just before I went to sleep hoping for inspiration.  Well, she did speak to me, but again I dragged my heels.  After three nights of waking up with the SAME thought running through my mind, here is what she became.....

She wanted to have an octopus.  

There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it - she insisted!

She wanted to be a Queen
of the lost city of

Well, never let it be said that I don't listen to dolls so I created her an octopus, made from painted felt with sequins (160 of them, to be exact) for suckers.  Raiding the teddy bear eye stash yielded perfect eyes.

Her journal was fun to do, but I think I got a trifle carried away.  I have a habit of wanting to make journals fat and chubby, so Gails nicely put together journal doesn't close properly now (oops).  Here's page one...
Page two (remember the glue-ey mess I was in a few days ago with watercolour paper, fibers and white glue?)...
Page three...well, that sand dollar HAD to be on there, right??  AND then I wonder why the pages are fat???
Finally, page four....yet more geehaws to make the pages thick.  The little tag at the top has my name on the back and the little charm was in my stash, along with the copper washers.
Hope Gail likes what I did, and that she won't be too upset that her book gained so much 'weight' while Audacity was visiting with me!


  1. I love what you did. It was worth the mess you got into.

  2. Cool, MA! I can see her much better here than in yahoo. Love the sequin-suckers! Wait till you see what I'm doing to Serenity - another "great midns think alike" moment. And fat pages are fine - I don't think collaboration journals are meant to close. LOL! Thanks for all your work on Audacity - she was meant to be a centaur queen!

  3. Octopusses (pies) have been in the news a bit later so she probably heard about them, but yours is so special. That first page is a little racy, and what's she holding aloft - a spray can for some graffiti? k.

  4. MA, I think I need to join a dollmaking group, yours are always so inspiring !! I LOVE the octopus, painted felt you say? Looks a lot more solid, more like painted plaster. A great idea and very well executed as always.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Christine in sunny Sydney Aus.

  5. O M F G that was/is a jawdropper HOLY &*^% AWESOME

  6. Wonderful additions to the doll!! Love the octopus and the journal additions... you are so creative!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such great comments! Love the way you dream :) I'll definitely be asking questions on the CQ stuff... you do so many creative wonderful things I completely spaced your CQ!

  7. Audacity is evolving into a wonderful strong creation. I love the look of what you added and the bling sequins were just the right touch.

  8. perhaps she should now swim to the next person...?

  9. I just love it MA. I never would have known it was felt from the pics. Sooo many sequins! Wow! You did a wonderful job on her and the journal and I love the 'racy' page! LOL

  10. MA,
    You make some wonderful things. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Hugs, Kim

  11. COOL laboration indeed!

    I am crazy about your octopus, it is so inspired and I use the falling asleep thinking about it technique as well! What you've created is all around brilliant!
    Can you tell I REALLY like it :)

  12. I've just read about this on Arlee's amazes me that you would all take on this ingenious plan. The postal system won't know what hit it. And the packaging!


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