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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Progress being made

Second front piece of my jacket pieced today.....
and the usual garden picture.....
As you can probably tell from this picture, our garden is a real 'country' garden with everything a complete hodge-podge of stuff!


just so you can't say there is NEVER any knitting content on this blog...
here's a free pattern site I have discovered!


  1. Hi MA,

    It's sounds like you're rather stressed at the moment. I hope things settle down for you soon. Love your new sewing machine. Will you be doing some hand-stitching on your new project?

  2. Oh, that reminds me I have some knitting I have to get on with. I like your garden very much.

  3. Just wanted to tell you that I was in Hobby Lobby last night and the jean thread from Coats & Clark was shown in only 2 colors - blue and gold. No white. there was no spot for it so I assume that the 2 are all they have. It didn't lok that heavy. I assumed it would be. How about quilting white would that stand out enough?

    that machine is wonderful. All those mongrams would be fun to play with. If you do move just take a couple of machines that you like best.



  4. great patchwork!! beautiful flowers too..I am rubbish with flowers, one look and they wither!!

  5. Wow..such talent! Your jacket will be amazing! xoxoox Happy Monday.,


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