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Friday, July 02, 2010

Welcome - and - slow makeover


First, I would like to welcome all the people who have signed up to follow my mumblings in the past few days.  Wow - who knew that many people might be interested in what I mumble about!!  I hope I can manage to keep you interested at least a little bit.

The great studio Shovel and Turf is progressing, albeit VERY slowly.  The worktable still looks pretty much as it did yesterday, only it's now covered with whole different junk  stuff.  The little shelving unit has been pretty much filled.  Jack very nicely spray painted this plastic drawer unit (previously red) yesterday and this morning I've spent some time re-organizing it and adding more goodies to it.  Amazing how much I managed to get into it that was previously taking up precious real estate elsewhere.
My new sewing machine has found a home on the repainted little table, along with a resurrected basket that's holding scrap paper and now looks like this.....

And, the garden is now looking a little bit like this....
Those are mostly potatoes with some green onions and I think those are beets (forgot to take note when I took the picture).


  1. You are so industrious!!!
    I have accomplished nothing other than cuss at my sewing machine all day yesterday (we're BOTH taking today off....) and take allergy meds! (which lead to more doing nothing! LOL!!)
    Love the garden pic; I miss my garden most of all.....dinner was always there for the picking!


  2. a beautiful rose, and so many potatoes planted, enough for the whole season i think...k.

  3. Hi Mary Anne-

    Sometimes the slow makeovers turn out the best as you can really think things out and how to best use them. I love your sewing machine. How old is it? I have an old Singer that was my husband's grandmother's. I would not trade it in for anything. It works like a charm.
    Thanks for leaving the nice comment about my studioffice. It went thru a few changes over the years - a slow makeover to make it a great place to work and create.
    I hope you have an enjoyable holiday weekend? What day is Canada Day?
    My best - Diane

  4. Hi Mary Anne! Love your new old sewing machine on that little table. It's just precious! I love it! I love your garden too. Mine is in awful shape. But yours is beautiful so I will continue to enjoy yours!

    Thanks for the lovely comments you always leave for me on my blog! I've got to get your email address off my big computer and onto this one!!!


  5. So Lovely to meet you and a fellow Ontarion! Happy Canada Day to you too! Lovely a beauty..I love that sewing super charming! You have a beautiful blog..thankyou for kindly stopping by mine..! I was looking for your Bloggers create post but couldnt find it. again..fabulous blog..have a sparkly day!

  6. Gorgeous yellow rose, lovely white table & great sewing machine!
    Putting a studio together takes lots of work & time.. Mines a work in progress.
    You have a great start here!
    Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

  7. How clever to spray paint the little drawer unit! Love that storage idea. And the yellow rose is oh so it has a wonderful fragrance too. Thank you so much for visiting my studio post and for your kind comment. Have a wonderful week! ~ Angela

  8. Oh I love, love LOVE that green sewing machine of yours. It looks great on that little white table too.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello!


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