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Monday, July 05, 2010

Cool cat and framed!

It's hot here.

Very hot.  

Cosmo agrees because he's all 
s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ed out on the
basement floor absorbing the cool.

It's a day not to be too strenuous and certainly not a day to be outside unless you have to.  The air here is hard to breathe at the moment so we're rather grateful we can stay inside where the air conditioning is doing it's level best to cope with the outside conditions.  Feel so sorry for the little birds - there was a goldfinch outside the window with it's little beak open panting in the heat.  Have to keep the birdbath filled today!
All I've managed to accomplish today is to finish up my inspiration board and get it hung in my studio.  If you embiggen the picture you can perhaps see the paint chip on the left.  Those are pretty much the colours my studio will be once the re-do is complete.  


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  1. sorry to hear about your heat, maybe we can share as it's too cold here now...k.

  2. Hot here too and humid. But when you are not used to it, it really gets you.
    Love your inspiration board. :)

  3. OOoh, MA Cosmo is gorgeous!!! I just want to reach into the photo and love him! What a beautiful face!!

    Sorry about your heat. It's been hot here too but cooled down a little yesterday evening. Not so humid now.

  4. Oh, for a breeze. I would rather be cold than hot, at least you can wrap up in big cozy quilts then. I love the ispriation board looks good against the blue wall.

  5. The first warm day here too. But our first warm we are enjoying it so much...but here the hot weather is on its way too.
    Stay cool my friend. xoxoxo


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