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Friday, July 30, 2010

Just hanging around....

Being somewhat housebound for the next while at least I should be able to manage to get something creative done (best laid plans/bound to run amuck notwithstanding).  With dad the way he is I think my days of going too far are pretty numbered for awhile.


today I started on another black jacket.  This one will be mine (unless someone comes along and wants to give me $200 for it - in which case I'd be happy to let it go).  I can't go any further on the one I was working on yesterday until I am able to get the lining fabric so I figured I might as well carry on while I have denim 'bits' scattered about and keep sewing.  Here's what I did today.....
 And, just so you don't get too bored with denim, here's another flower from our garden!

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  1. your denim jackets are as good as any flower or even better, i never tire of seeing them. can DH go get the lining for you? you're going to need a lot of support in the next little while, wish you well...k.


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