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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Got any used sewing machines??

It seems like I'm starting a collection of them!

This is the latest addition to what seems to be the beginnings of a collection of sorts.  I didn't intend to collect sewing machines, really I didn't!!  However, in my defense, this one was given to me by a very good friend so I couldn't very well turn it away.  AND....just lookit what it comes with...............
That box of 'stuff' on the left?  Well, that's a complete set of monograms.  And the box on the right?  A set of many different stitch cams!  Oh yeah and there's two more boxes of stuff too - the monogram attachment and a buttonhole attachment, along with what seems to be at least a dozen different feet that do weird and mysterious things that I will embark on another learning curve to figure out what to do with.  She hasn't used it for a number of years and it will require a good oiling before I can really play with it. Thank you Lois! 

Now, tell me something ....
.if we're planning
to downsize
into an apartment
in the near future,
how come I'm collecting sewing machines???

There's a very excellent article 
regarding cleaning and oiling
your sewing machine!


  1. But they are in a good home where they are appreciated.

  2. that's just the question i was going to ask you, before i even clicked onto your post...k.

  3. Sister Magpie!
    I have 6 machines, one was very old in a wooden case and I made a lamp out of it. I put buttons on the shade. It is at our cabin the next time I go there I will take a picture. I don't know why I have all these machines either.

  4. LOL! I'm finding myself to be a "collector" of machines these days too. I just can't turn them away, kind of like a lost kitten.
    By the way, I would love to have you go to Trisha's, or anywhere else with me. Trisha and her hubby take several trips to Canada where she was born so perhaps one day you might just visit her shop???? If you do you must let me know.

  5. I love seqwing machines, i have 3 vintage ones myself!

  6. What can I say my friend---at least it something reasonably small.I wish I could stop laughing.

  7. If you're anything like me they just find their way to you.


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