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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It's been a busy few days and there was no time for the computer so hence no blog posts.  First, we went down to the city to pick up Stewie (cat that belongs to #2 son and his fiance) for two weeks while they take their holidays out west.  Lucky kids!!  Then, we went back to the city two days later to pick up #1 son, his fiance, and their cat for the weekend.  Sunday was a family reunion, held here (approx. 30 people were here).   Then it was back to the city yesterday to take RJ & Julia & Ella (cat) home.  Whew!

Today the car went in to be repaired and we have been given a really nice Nissan Altima to drive.  Nice car, but rather scary to drive because it's a bit bigger than our Toyota Matrix.  It's one of those fancy keyless cars, which completely feels so weird.  No keys - you just push a button to start it.  Very odd!!

Needless to say there has been nothing creative done over the past few days, so I will leave you with some more garden pictures.....


  1. MA, You are having a fun time with kitties! I am guessing they are nice to have around but just as nice to give back. Now that we don't have ours I realize how much work they were especially as they were getting older and sick.
    Thanks for "following" me. I know what you mean about the confusion. I didn't have the follow me thing up when I posted and someone said they were following me and it didn't show up, so added it! Sorry for the long comment!

  2. You take some great pictures MA. I too have been so busy I haven't read posts in days. Where is the summer going. We will be back in florida before we know it. Of course taking 2 classes at Joggles at the same time could have something to do with it. No brain sometimes.



  3. lovely flower pics...k.


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