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Saturday, July 24, 2010

On birthdays, ambulances and sleep

I'll bet that particular blog post title made you wonder what turn my life has taken lately!

First, Jack and I 'celebrated' our respective birthdays this week.  I hesitate to use the word 'celebrate' because we really don't do too much.  We went out for supper on his birthday (Wednesday) so he wouldn't have to cook  and he decided that he would treat me to a movie on my birthday (Thursday).  We had intended to drive to Peterborough to see it, but left the house a bit later than we wanted to.  We would have *just* gotten there in time, however we got behind a very slow moving tractor which had caused a huge lineup of cars.  So, we turned around and headed for our theatre here where we managed to see the movie we wanted.  

Proving that things quite often happen for a reason, we arrived home from the movie an hour earlier than we would have, to discover my Dad was in a great deal of distress and needed to go to emerg.  An ambulance was called and he was ushered off, leaving us to follow.  Most of you regular readers will remember that he has a cancerous tumour in his esophagus and has a metal stent in his throat to allow him to swallow liquid foods.  He, being of a stubborn nature, refuses to eat slowly and ends up with the stent not being able to cope.  So...several hours of sitting on very uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room later, we were able to bring him home.

Fast forward to last night (Friday)....we had friends here for supper who decided, because we were tired, that they should go home earlier than they would normally.  Remember how I said things happen for a reason?  Well, guess what - Dad was in dire straights again (having NOT listened to any advice concerning eating  SLOWLY from the medical people the night before).  So - another ambulance - and a MUCH longer wait at the hospital.  

We didn't get home until 3:45 a.m., which brings me to the 'sleep' portion of this post  - mainly lack thereof.  I don't do well on less than eight hours of sleep!

Anybody want to hazard a guess on the odds of the same thing happening tonight?


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, all the stress and lack of sleep. But I do want to send birthday wishes to the pair of you. With Jack on Wednesday, you on Thursday and me on Friday, it was quite the week.

  2. my sympathies entirely. on a brighter note, your b'day is the day before AMD's. kaite

  3. Eating slowly can be a very nice experience; I am not sure for this particular case but I have invented a "plate for eating slowly" that keeps food warm. It is also called "Heat Retentive Plate" and it is being used by people who have to eat slowly although it was designed as a gourmet plate (Simply to enjoy Hot food)

  4. thanks so much for visiting me and for leaving such a sweet comment about my Creative Space - gosh that posting seems like such a long time ago! I have visited your blog here and have so enjoyed your photos and crafts and recipes! That crock pot lasagna is coming my way for sure! I love that you blog about so many different things~~~


  5. Oh MA, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad! That must be so frustrating, for both you and him. Sending you big hugs and Happy Birthday wishes to you and Jack! I hope you get caught up on your sleep and have an uneventful week!

  6. Sorry to hear about your troubles, MA. Hope you slept last nite.

  7. Oh no your poor dad...sending you prayers and blessings. xoxox
    Belated Birthday Wishes.

  8. Maggi I am so sorry for your problems with your Dad. Sometimes it is hard for older people to change their habits. He probaly thinks he can just do what he always has but the distress should slow him down eventually.

    Happy birthday to the two of you. Harv has his in Aug. and mine is Sept. so we are just behind you. We probably won't do anymore then you did if even that. Shows we don't do much of anymore.

    Hope you can get some sleep soon. Being tired certainly dosn't help with this.




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