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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What in the WORLD is she up to now????

Look what's hanging outside on the line and causing the neighbours to wonder, yet again, what on earth I think I'm doing with my time. It's definitely not laundry, unless I've taken to wearing VERY odd underwear!! (Picture is clickable to enlarge)

I've been experimenting with discharge dyeing (using bleach) on denim with the eye towards using something like this on part of my long coat. I did a whole bunch of stitching in odd and wondrous ways and then plopped it in the weakened bleach solution (then rinsed in water, in vinegar/water, and again in water) for various times. I remembered having read somewhere that ten minutes might be about right. Well, it's not! Bleached almost ALL the blue out, which wasn't what I was aiming for. The three biggest pieces are my favourites...I simply wet them first, then used a clothespin to gather up a little pinch in the centre. Then I just 'twirled' the clothepeg and as it turned it gathered up the fabric. I held the whole thing together with an elastic band and it came out looking like a flower! That one has me excited, but I think it might just be too large for my application on the coat.

The 'stuff' that's further out on the clothesline (sorry, not underwear either) is some fabrics I dipped and scrunched around in a solution of white glue/water. Wrung them out real well and tried to leave the wrinkles in as much as possible. After they're dry, I'm going to iron them (leaving the wrinkles) and see if they might just become the base for my doll journal book.

I'm having a wonderful creative (and messy) day and I'm lovin' it!! Hope you are too!


  1. OMG THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. PS what ratio of bleach to water are you using?

  3. Its always good to keep the neighbours guessing. Your neighbours are lucky to have such eye candy hanging up to see.

  4. I love the pale blue one MA but the others are great as well.


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