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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Art journal

This is the cover for the art journal I have been working on. The bottom picture is the outside front and the top picture shows the two inside covers.

The 'base' for the book was fun to do. First I saturated a piece of cotton fabric with a water/white glue mixture and wrung it out really well. I flattened it out somewhat and hung it to dry (I wanted to leave the wrinkles in as much as possible). Next I crumbled tissue paper really well and flattened it out (again leaving the wrinkles in). I attached the paper to the fabric layer with iron-on webbing (being careful to protect my iron with parchment paper). Then I painted over that with acrylic paints...first in green (and yellow for the front cover), then in a blue wash, and finally with a wash of gold. I let the green and blue dry thoroughly before adding the gold, which I blotted off to let the base colours show through. The pages inside are made of watercolour paper and will (I think) be just loose inside the book to make them easier to work on. All I have left is to come up with a method of closure and it's done!


  1. Anonymous5:16 PM

    this is beautiful. i like the wrinkly distressed look (as long as it isnt in the mirror!) good luck filling the pages inside - id want to keep it all empty and pretty now.

    lucky you...and me, over at Jackies. isnt it a thrill!

  2. Wow! this is scrumptious!

  3. You are indeed a very fortunate person and I envy you immensely in winning Dog Daisy Chain's giveaway!

  4. Beautiful! Love the size, the texture, the colour---wonderful!
    (oh my gawd, it's not blue :})

  5. Wow MA this is gorgeous.

  6. wow!! how do you come up with such methods? Patented !!! ;)
    I love the look.
    Sorry about the flora and fauna book,though :(

  7. Love this look. Can't wait to see it for real!


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