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Monday, May 25, 2009

Gardening Time!

These are round one of the plants DH is putting in our gardens. We have a fairly large property and a lot of it is either flower beds or the vegetable garden out back, so it takes quite a few plants to fill in the spaces. A number of our perennials winter-killed, so we have to replace those. Of course this doesn't include the seed packets that are also being planted.

The above picture is a close up of one of a pair of hanging plants I got to put into my urns at the front of the house.
The fuschia hangs beside the front door in a metal ring mounted there for the purpose. There's a honeysuckle vine that will be planted just outside the sunporch where we have the dog pen...hopefully it will give shade for the dogs and bring us a few hummingbirds. The red plastic 'bucket' is holding some veggies, including leeks and some peppers.

Today we went out and bought some more perennials (mostly iris') to fill in the empty spots. Trouble is, there are altogether too many nice looking plants available right now and only so much space and money!!

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