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Friday, May 29, 2009

Joy and Rupture

I know, the proper expression should be 'Joy and RAPTURE', however I nearly ruptured a gasket trying to shorten eight (count 'em...EIGHT!!) pairs of curtains today. The lump in the picture just shows a portion of them. My creativity knows no bounds at the moment...these had to be the ultimate in boredom. However, the sunroom gets way too hot and if we can cut down on some of the sun pouring in, it will be used more.

Oh yeah, and to add even more joy to my life, I also shortened a pair of jeans for DH! Yep, an absolutely PERFECT day (not!).


  1. You have my sympathy. I hate doing anything to curtains. I have made all the curtains in our house and we have a LOT of windows including a sun room. Boring is the only word.

  2. w'alll i'm seein a pile of dyeable :}
    I hate curtain making tooo...

  3. LOL, I knew why I never ever made curtains in all my life. Now you just confirmed it. I buy ready made. I have about ten (or more) pairs of pants that I have to shorten for myself. Don't ask me how long they have been waiting.

  4. I reckon making curtains would have to be the most mundane-boring-thankless job that I have ever attempted.
    And shortening them would run a close second---and hemming pants would definitely be third.

  5. LOL
    I hate making curtains, and i'm known to prefere sewing a pants from scratch than shortening some...

  6. I agree, shortening things is just the worst. I'm short myself so shortening pants and sleeves seems to happen more than I want.


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