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Monday, May 18, 2009

Garden beauty

I love this plant because the foliage is just as pretty as the flowers! Last night the weather report was calling for possible frost so Jack put a large plastic barrel over this plant because it was so close to blooming. This morning the sun was hitting the barrel and probably the heat inside helped the blooms to open.
I think it's some sort of peony, but don't know for sure. It's another 'inherited' plant in our friendship garden. Isn't it pretty?


  1. Hi MaryAnne

    That is a beautiful plant. I have no idea what it is but love the fernlike foliage. It doesn't look like it would have a flower but there they are. Maybe somebody can identify it for us.

    Even without a name it is lovely to have in your yard. Heard you had a lot of rain over the holiday weekend (my sister reminded me). Ours is next weekend and I will be working in the garden trying to get my flowers all planted. Took some pics today of the before and will put them up tomorrow.



  2. Beautiful plant, very unusual, one I've never seen here in Texas of course.

  3. love the teeny forget me nots in the background too :} unusual foliage for a peony---just google peony and see if you can find the variety.

    you would have loved the wild flowers in the mountains this weekend--so vibrant! pics coming soon on blog

  4. Well ... isn't this one unusual & lovely! I would not have thunk it a peony by looking at the foliage ... but those buds sure looked peony-like! According to my big flower encyclopedia ... you are right ... it is a peony!

    P. tenuifolia (single) is how the book identifies it.

    So ... now we all know! Learn something new every day!
    Don't judge a peony by its' foliage!

  5. Fern peony. My parents have one (around the corner form you), lol. Their's is a different flower with the same foliage. They aren't as common as the regular type & are more expensive too.


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