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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Isn't this absolutely unbelievable? And it's not all of it!!!!

I received a box in the mail from Arlee and these three pictures just show a miniscule amount of the wonders that were inside! Click on the pictures to embiggen them so you can see the detail. See the green piece in the upper left of the top picture? It's a purse! See the orange piece of fabric below it? It's handpainted and oh so perfect for the cover of a journal. See the red bag beside it?...full of beads (mmmmm, sparklies). See the absolutely beautiful face? And the doll? And the cat (SO much more fun than the one I made!).

The other two pictures are of the art she included. There's postcards and some pieces of her metal work. I'm in total heaven here. AND.....AND.....this isn't even a dent in all the other goodies that were in the box!!!

Not only that, I received my winnings from Jackies draw today AND I found out I won this month's draw on Mary Corbetts site too!!!!!!!!! I will post a pic of what I received from Jackie tomorrow.

Thank you so very much to my internet friends! I'm a lucky, lucky girl!!


  1. Holey moley girl you sure did hit the jackpot this time.
    Lucky you.

  2. Hi MA

    You had better run out and buy a lottery ticket or bet on a horse race. You are HOT. Congratulations on both of your winnings.



  3. Anonymous8:56 PM

    WOW! What a haul of treasures!

    Gail V

  4. rub the lottery ticket on all three packages then getcher ass out here :}

  5. Looking forward to show and share next week. You lucky thing!!

  6. Anonymous5:12 PM

    lucky you. embiggen is one of my favourite words.


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