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Monday, May 11, 2009

Not the smartest pickle in the jar

Yep, that's me I'm talkin' about. Sometimes my stupidity even exceeds my lowly expectations of myself and this one has to be the dumbest stunt I've pulled in a long time.

I was so excited about getting a copy of the 'Embroidered Flora and Fauna' book by Lesley Turpin-Delport. It's a beautiful book. I love it. I had requested it through inter-library loan and, before it came in, decided that I needed to get my own copy from Amazon.


the library came through first. I drooled through the book quickly, knowing that my very own was coming in a couple of days. Returned borrowed book to library.

OK, so far?

Well, my own copy came. Read a couple of pages and put it on my dresser to read later.

Still following me??

Well, being the unbright pickle I am, I put the book in the area where I always put the library books.

You guessed it....I 'returned' the book to the library. That, in itself, isn't necessarily a BAD thing...however I do donate quite a few books to the library for other people to enjoy, so they can't be blamed for assuming that was my intention, can they? There's no turning back now.

Darn it, I WANTED that book!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. As pickles go, you're one of the nicest pickles I know. Im sure the librarian will return the book to you once you 'splain.
    May I suggest you eat more chocolate - it feeds the seritonan in your brain or something! And take some chocs to the library...a little bribery perhaps?

  2. at least your a sweet pickle not a super sour one... And hey, you've got good taste in books, maybe the library aquisitions will take the hint :-)

  3. Only you would say that pickles are smart--or not :}
    Simply ask for it back!

  4. If you go and explain, the librarian will no doubt give you your book back. What would she do with two copies of it?
    PS. I thought you were going to say that after reading the book from the library, you decided it was not a book for you, although you had already ordered it... (that would be me...)

  5. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Well for cryin' out-loud!!! Get it back quick...boy some pickles are not too bright!!! (even the nice ones) LOL, titter, Tee hee, opps..snorted my coffee......

    Mrs. Noofy

  6. Anonymous4:06 PM

    so is this when i get to laugh at you, rather then you laughing at me? it makes a nice change :). just recently i returned a library book to the wrong library and had to hunt it down, explain etc. the librarian told me things like that happen ALL THE TIME. so there must be a few pickles like us around. its a great book isn't it - where i got lots of my inspiration for my fruit book last year - you'll need to get it back.

  7. Hi. I hope you got it back.
    You won my draw!

  8. You are a 'no reply' blogger so I can't e mail you. You will have to e mail me with your address.
    Mine is jmcardy(at)

  9. Mary Ann, There's a few Aussie sayings that fit a situation like this
    "She's not the sharpest tool in the shed"

    "She's a sandwich short of a picnic" and another one a bit hard to explain
    "She's got kangaroos loose in the top paddock!" I've never heard your pickle expression, must be particularly American?

    Now I thought I was the only one who returned the wrong books to the Library, or worse, forgot for over 6 months I even HAD the book in the first place, until a polite reminder letter was issued, LOL.

  10. Oh MaryAnne you are not the first or will be the last to do this. I have even left things I wanted in my returned library books and the gals have run me down. If yours knows you as well as mine do they will be happy to hunt it down for you. They couldn't shelve it as it would not have their codes so assume it is for Friends of the Library sale and they will let you go through and look for it.

    They are too expensive to let it go.

    Hugs from another pickle.



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